• ADVAN DB V551

    ADVAN DB V551
    Features & Benefits
    Ultimate Silence
    Phenomenal ride comfort
    Outstanding handling performance
    Features a new compound that combines power and flexibility
    With superior stiffness and strength for grasping the road surface
    it also provides excellent fuel economy
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    The first time you drive the ADVAN dB you won't believe your ears. Hustle through some corners and you won't believe you're riding on a comfort tyre. The final surprise is that the ADVAN dB decibel is super efficient with low rolling resistance features to improve fuel economy.

    Recommended for performance luxury vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi or for any vehicle where noisy tyres are an issue.

    Available Sizes

    225/60R16 98W
    235/60R16 100W
    205/55R16 94W
    215/55R16 93W
    225/55R16 99W
    215/55R17 94W
    225/55R17 94W
    235/55R17 99V
    205/50R16 87V
    215/50R17 91V
    225/50R17 94W
    235/50R17 96V
    235/50R18 97W
    245/50R18 100W
    205/45R17 84W
    215/45R17 91W
    225/45R17 91W
    235/45R17 94W
    245/45R17 95W
    215/45R18 89W
    225/45R18 91W
    235/45R18 94W
    245/45R18 96W
    245/4519 98Y
    245/40R17 91W
    225/40R18 88W
    235/40R18 91Y
    245/40R18 93Y
    245/40R19 98W
    245/40R20 99W
    265/35R18 93W
    235/35R19 91W
    245/35R19 93W
    275/35R19 96W
    245/35R20 95W
    275/35R20 98W
    265/30R19 93W
    275/30R19 96W
    275/30R20 97W

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